Client Testimonials

“Jo is absolutely amazing and has such a wonderful gift, I went last night for my first reading ever and was unsure of what to expect but something kept telling me to book the private reading and go do it and I am so forever grateful I did. Hearing from my great-grandmother who raised me was who I was hoping would come through and it was such a great moment in my life I will forever remember. Thank you Jo for being such a huge part of this and being the messenger for my grandmother. I definitely recommend Jo!” ~ Jackie 11/17

“Hi Jo, I just want to thank you so much for yesterdays reading. I walked away so positive and more open minded. You are truly an amazing woman who I could just sit and talk to all day, your presence is alluring. God bless!” ~ Rachel 10/17

Amazing reader, amazing women, I left feeling blessed that she read for me and I felt so warm and  relaxed.”~ Carole 10/17

“Jo, You most certainly are an Angel here on earth and when you speak with Spirit(s), you are absolutely spot on! Many Blessings to you!” ~ Nancy 8/17

“Hi Jo! I wanted to thank you again for the great reading and your love and support! I will absolutely  be back!” ~ Nicole 7/17

“Jo is amazing. She made me comfortable and helped me so much.” ~ Samantha 6/17

“Wow thats all I have to say!! Thank you Jo. I went in not knowing who would come thru………WOW!”~ Jerry 6/17

“Hi Jo,I wanted to say thank you again for your reading tonight. While Dan coming through didn’t make all that much sense to me, it was most certainly him. I called my Mom to tell her and she was sitting with Dan’s widow when I called! He has never come through in a reading before and she was so COMFORTED to hear all that came through tonight. I wanted to say thank you again! ~ Meaghan 6/17

“Lastnight, you told me and my Mom her sign from her grandfather is a rainbow. Tonight at work I saw a double rainbow and my Mom was out to eat and she saw them too!!! So crazy that we both saw the double rainbows from different towns!!! You always blow my mind! Thank you 🙂 ~ Angelica 6/17

“Jo, absolute great experience, thank you for having us all, I’m already trying to plan a next visit” ~ Sarah 3/17

“Went to Joanne last night for my first experience and It was amazing, I walked in not knowing what to expect and she made me feel right at ease. She was absolutely 100% on point and helped answer questions that my son and I both had! Thank You
I would highly recommend Joanne to anyone who is looking to experience an amazing reading.” ~ Melissa Lynn 3/17

“Had an amazing reading this afternoon. Just wanted to say thank you. My mother and I really enjoyed it” ~ Melissa W 3/17

“Had an amazing reading tonight with Jo. Cannot wait to go back!” ~ Kristin 2/17

“I had my first reading with jo and it was Ahmazing everything she said was so accurate, I’ve been dealing with grieve and depression and this reading really helped me I will definitely be going back Thank you jo can’t thank you enough” ~ Chantal 2/17

I’ve been to Jo 3 times, every visit was so accurate down to family members names and mannerisms! Going back soon” ~ Debbie 1/17❤️

Thank you Jo for an amazing experience! I truly enjoyed the reading and look forward to seeing you in the future”. Many thanks ~ CS 1/17

“I want to thank you again Jo, can’t stop thinking about our reading. I will be schedule again soon! You defiantly have a talent, once again thank you so much cause I was really worried about Antone considering I never got to say goodbye. Glad to know he is my Angel”. ~ CM 1/17

“Hi Jo,  so I have to tell you what happened a couple weeks ago….when I came for my reading in October you had said at the end to watch for a deer, no watch for two deer….means my dad is around looking out for us and especially my 17 year old son……so didn’t see any deer and put it at the back of my brain, lol….so I ordered some stuff from Home Depot for gifts when the things came there was a pkg with outside deer decorations. I thought it must be a miss-delivery but it had my name on the crate…..not thinking anything about it, figured it was a mistake called the store and they didn’t have any record of it so no worries. It wasn’t till about a week later as I was telling a friend about it that I remembered what you said, two deer…..I received two deers…….my dad loved Christmas……I cried but happy tears…sorry so long but wanted to let you know my two deers showed up! So big hugs to you, thank you….you have no idea how much that means as I am worried about my son and knowing my Dad is watching over him so helps. Well again, thank you! Blessings, EB” ~ 1/17

“Thank you Jo, I felt so much better after seeing you. Merry Christmas” ~ Anne 12/16

“Loved Jo! She was spot on!” ~ Jackie 12/16

“I will say you truly helped me in my time of need. You amazed me with your reading. I will never forget it. Thank you. ~ Melissa 12/16

“This was my first experience 1 on 1 and I was pleasantly surprised by how at ease Joanne made me feel from the moment I arrived. The setting was serene and inviting. There was a level of familiar comfort for me being in that space. Once I let my control go of how I thought the reading should go in my mind (wanting specific people to come through hahaha) and organically allowed the reading to happen I was amazed at Joanne’s gift. Joanne used names of individuals and was able to speak of the specific characteristics of my loved ones. I think I was more amazed at how she would go back and forth with using the healing cards and the cards she would turn over after shuffling them were an exact match to what she had just told me seconds before as validation. I would recommend Joanne to others seeking some healing and or connections with their loved ones. Thank you Joanne, I will be back again” ~ Tom 12/16

“Hi Jo, I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for the reading….that was just what I needed to hear and has made me feel so much better. The reading was the best birthday gift I have ever had. Thank you so much!” ~ Eric 12/16

“Hi Jo,Thanks for the reading yesterday, it was definitely a great experience. It gave my Mom and I some peace hearing from my grandfather and his sister, especially how you captured their personalities. Thanks again for a great reading!!” ~ Erin 8/16

“You were awesome tonight!! Thank you so much for your advice/guidance! I really needed this. So thankful my Grandfather came through, and amazed how you were so spot on with my two aunts who I never ever had the privilege of knowing; just hearing about them through my Mom and Grandmother. It is amazing to know Lilian and Dottie, “The two sisters who stick together” as you described them in the reading, really know what I am going through and amazingly know my legitimate thoughts, wants and needs. I know I am not alone, and neither is my cousin who is also going through difficulties with heart break and direction. I am going to start to pray more often thanks to you! Thank you so much.”  ~ Colleen 8/16

I had a reading over a week ago and it was amazing. I did the 75 minute single session with her and the time flew by. I will be booking with her from now on. She knows things that she would have no idea of knowing. Over and over again the cards validated everything she kept telling me. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a reading.” ~ Amanda 5/16

Jo was absolutely amazing! I walked away with a weight off  my shoulders. Great medium and can’t wait to go back for another reading.” ~ JG 5/16

Thank you so much Jo, the reading was so amazing and I felt such a strong connection. Thank you so much!” ~ Kim 5/16

“I had my first reading ever done last night with Jo. I was VERY anxious and nervous. She breathed with me and calmed me down. I had really wanted my dad to come through and I had kept talking to him in my head. My grandfather and my dad came through. Jo told me how my dad passed with a traumatic head injury ( he passed in a motorcycle accident). She also told me how many siblings I have and some other things that would would be specific to him. She also gave me his name! I recommend her so much. She did a great job!” ~ Jackie 5/16

“Jo was beyond amazing, I got more than I ever could ask for!!!!” ~ Angelica 4/16

“Today I had a wonderful experience today with Joanne from Heartfelt Angel Connections. I went to Joanne today for my first reading ever and took my husband and best friend with me as a support system. I knew it would be a hard time for me going into this as I really wanted to connect with my mom who passed away suddenly 11 years ago today. When I booked my appointment I did not tell Joanne that today was my mom 11 year passing but she new it was 11 years. She was very kind , caring and walked me through things as things were happening, and before she started. She also helped calm my anxiety before we started as she knew I was anxious. She was so spot on with every single thing she had to say today, some of the things she had to say I did not realize or want to acknowledge out loud but she was 100% spot on. I would recommend her to anyone who want to see a medium to make a connection with a love one who has passed as she is simply amazing. 11 years ago today I lost the most important person in my life my mom, but today Joanne helped give me a connection with her and the first baby step in healing and starting to grieve the loss of my amazing mom.” ~ Katie 4/16

“Jo, I had a reading with you oh about 6 months ago and I have raved about you to my friends. You are truly a special person and I am spreading the word…. Thanks again.” ~ Ellen 4/16

“First time seeing a medium and Jo was amazing. My mother and I went hoping to connect with my Nana that we lost a few months ago. I was amazed by what Jo was telling us.” ~ Melissa 3/16

“Hi Jo, I wanted to thank you again for my lovely reading on Monday. I know you realize I needed it very much. I look forward to seeing you again soon. I did pass on the messages to my nephew. He got very emotional, but in a good way. At least he said he was glad for it. I really was astounded when you immediately rubbed your throat, and your upper abdomen. I knew right away it was my sister, no question.”  ~ Sandi 2/16

“Hi Jo! I just wanted to thank you for the reading yesterday. It brought a lot of healing and my grandmother and aunts were completely floored. I wanted to let you know that I asked my grandma how my grandpas father passed away and she confirmed it was a stroke just like you had said. Again thank you so much I am sure we’ll see you soon”. ~ Theresa 2/16

“Good morning Jo, Its been a couple of days since my reading and I wanted to tell you how amazing you are! I absolutely loved the reading. You have a gift! I think you are an amazing person. I look forward to attending more of your classes and events.  I look forward to another reading in the future. I feel like the tension and indecision has been lifted off my chest and my shoulders. I feel lighter and more confident. I feel more at ease in my everyday life. I am able to see things so much clearer. No more clouded judgement. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making a difference in my life. With peace and blessings ~ Anonymous 2/16

“I had the great experience today of meeting Jo. I called last minute feeling the need to connect with my Dad. She fit me in. It was the 21st anniversary of his death. What a treat it was he came through loud and clear and as always a bit fresh. Jo kept laughing at what he was saying. Of course he starts with “you look great”. Mimi also came through reassuring me of things. I really loved and enjoyed this reading. Thank you so much Jo.” ~ Lenette 12/15

“Yesterday was the 2nd time that Jo has read me, and I brought my mom along this time for her birthday. Once again, Jo completely nailed it. I couldn’t be happier with our session. Jo, thank you so much. Words can’t even express our gratitude. Looking forward to seeing you again!” ~  Laura 12/15

“Thank you so much again for the reading…It was such a great experience and I loved every second of it!!” ~ Alexis 12/15

I had a reading with you in August 2014 when my husband and I were on the verge of giving up. Your guidance helped me see the situation in a whole new light and allowed me to move forward in a way that brought us back together and work through some really tough issues. You ultimately saved my marriage and I will forever be grateful. I’m sorry it has taken me so long to thank you for it.” ~ Anonymous 11/15

“I had my first reading with Jo yesterday. It was amazing! Her new place is so easy to find. Thank You for being You!” ~ Bonnie 11/15

Thank you so much for the reading the other day with Leanne and I.  It really was so special to connect with Sidney.” ~ Heather 11/15

 ” I had a wonderful reading with Joanne. She had a great connection with someone special to me. She was right on with everything and so very sweet. Highly recommend!” ~ Susan 9/15
 “Spot on. Joanne can help you communicate with loved ones or Angels or both! Amazingly accurate!” ~ Courtney 9/15
 “Joanne is right on!!! She certainly has a wonderful gift and heart as well. Excellent readings, ready to book my next one…Bringing a friend this time too!!!” ~ Susan 9/15
 “Thank you so much for today- had a reading with Joanne and loved it. Everything was dead on and amazing. I’ll be back for sure” ~ Christine
 “Jo is spot on! Love her!” ~ Barbie
 “Jo, your skills as a medium are incredible.  Thank you so much!” ~ Barbara
 “Jo, my reading with you truly has given me peace, I just cannot explain.  I can’t thank you enough for that.” ~ Tracey
 “I had a wonderful Medium reading from Joanne last week! She connected me with my parents who have been gone for 30 years. Go!! Jo is amazing” ~ Barbara
 “Thanks Jo, it was an awesome reading. angel cards were right on the money” ~ Michelle
 “I want to say thank you for the reading Friday night i’m still very over whelmed with what you had to say every time i think of it i get the goosebumps !!” ~ Christine
She was beyond amazing ,I got more than I ever could ask for !!!!”~ Angelica 4/15
“Great reading Jo!! I’m so glad I found you!! Great connection, you’re a doll!” ~ Tracey 4/15
 “Amazing reading. We enjoyed it so so so much!!!!! Thanks Jo! Reading was off the hook for both me and Rebecca! Thanks so so so so much!!” ~ Dee 4/15
 “My mom and I went to see Jo today. My mom being of the older generation was skeptical and nervous of what Jo might say. Jo brought relief to her and I that is very healing. My brother came through, and was able to communicate things we both needed to hear. Thanks, Jo, so much!!” ~ Sheila
  “Jo-you brought me so much peace and relief after we met on Wednesday. You helped me so much I am so grateful and happy that I found you. I know now that my son is always with me. Thank you!” ~ Nancy
“I had a wonderful Angel reading, and medium reading and my Dad came thru. I could post earlier in the summer but I must say Joanne was so welcoming, supportive, nurturing and so sweet and loving to me and I will be back to visit with my mom. Thank you again” ~ Sharon
“I need to share this I was going through a tough time with my job. I was looking for guidance. I went to jo for a reading. I did not share anything with her prior. During the reading the cards revealed I was having a bad time with my job. They also told me a new job is on the horizon and Id be even more successful with it. Jo then herself told me she felt mass general was in my future. She didn’t know I had applied there already. Well quess what not only did I get the job. The money is much more than I could have expected. Jo def is for real !” ~ JoAnn
“I felt my reading was enormously helpful and just what I needed! Joanne went out of her way to help answer some of my questions and concerns.” ~ Kathy 4/2015
“Jo, you touched me in a way.  I don’t let people in and you saw exactly what I was feeling.  My daughter was so touched esp about her grandma.  You are gifted.” ~ JoAnn
“Your angel readings are always very heartfelt, leaving me with a sense of peace.  I always enjoy my readings from you.  Thank you Jo for sharing your amazing gift!” ~ Tina
“Jo, I just wanted to send you a “thank you” for my lovely angel card reading, it was an enlightening, encouraging and most enjoyable time.” ~ Chevonne
“Jo thanks so much for the reading yesterday!  It was awesome seeing you, and the reading was incredible.” ~ Maureen
“Amazing Jo, Thank you so much!  The things you told me, no one else knew except my Mom.  Thank you for sharing your gift with me.” ~ Chris
“Joanne THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for such a special angel reading.  I loved the cards that were chosen and how you interpreted them.  Very special.  That first card I flipped, I will forever cherish.” ~ Susan
“Joanne is a very gifted, easy going and loving individual. My reading was accurate, helpful and full of wonderful and inspiring energy. Check out her place too, it is beautiful!!!! Thanks so much! Cannot wait to come back!! ~ Deirdre
“Thank you Joanne, I absolutely adore that you brought my father in law through with such accuracy. You were so right when you said he just wanted everyone to feel welcome.  That was accurate on many levels.  As well, I think you realize through my crying that when you brought Nicholas forward to me, that he is just so special in my heart.  And when you spoke of Billy, my brother, and how we were carefree playing hide and seek- what you showed me were the simpler times.  Thanks so much! A heartfelt thanks for a wonderful experience.”~ Sue
 “Thank you Jo for helping me get clarity in the area that has been foremost in my thoughts. AMAZING!!”~ Debbie 2/2015